80x80 Square Tiles

Add sparkle to the home with 80x80 size square size wall and flooring tiles
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Wall & Floor Tiles in 80x80 Size

It’s the high time to change the look of your home! Get the glazed vitrified tiles of the size 80x80 square floor tiles and add a taste to your home interior. We have a wide range of tiles available which varies as per the texture and pattern, so you can choose as per your home requirements.

Decorate the home the way of you want, and make it look like the dream home that everyone wishes to own. Our tiles are specially designed to give a real finish to the home, and make it look like that no one can ever imagine in their dreams!


Imperial Ceramic’s Tiles Speaks for Itself!!

All types of wall and floor tiles known for its unique properties, such as amazing shine, outstanding design and long lasting effects is available in 80x80 square tiles size at Imperial Ceramic. Such kind of tiles size is highly favoured and widely used by people across the nation.
No matter what you can want to decorate and why, we have something for everyone at Imperial Ceramic, the renowned 80x80 square tiles manufacturers. We never let down our valuable customers, and offer them as per their needs to satisfy them and bring a happy smile on their faces.

Our Tiles Do More Than Just Decorating Your Home!

With us, you can add sparkle to the home, and bring out the best of it. Yes - we, Imperial Ceramic, consider ourselves the leading manufacturers and provider of 80x80 floor and wall tiles all across the nation. Our tiles can be used anywhere in the home and are mainly known for its long lasting and permanent effect.