Polished Vitrified Floor Tiles

Polished vitrified tiles are bound to set the mood and enhance the ambience
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Whether you are looking for tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, you consider polished vitrified tiles, which are available in a huge variety. You can easily enhance the impact of your walls by using polished vitrified wall tiles, which are largely in trend these days.

Like ceramic tiles, the vitrified tiles are made of clay and they have quartz, feldspar and silica. These ingredients are heated in the kiln and they melt to form a glass like substance that covers the tile. This formation makes the vitrified tiles smoother and stronger than ceramic tiles.

Being stain resistant and water resistant, these tiles are used extensively in construction. Their appearance and functionality makes the vitrified tiles more durable than marble and granite. Imperial Ceramic is one of the top polished vitrified tiles manufacturers and exporters in India.

Polished Vitrified Tiles

Amazing Benefits of Polished Vitrified Tiles

The vitrified tiles are a great flooring option. These tiles are available in an array of shades, sizes and thicknesses. As the tiles are already polished, so they need not be polish on site, which reduces the time. One of the amazing benefits of polished vitrified wall tiles is that they are stain resistant and easy to clean. These tiles are easy to clean and people often do not have to make any extra efforts to keep the tiles clean.

The vitrified tiles are strong and sturdy, which make it a great alternative to granite and marble flooring. Homeowners prefer to install polished vitrified kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles because these tiles are durable and long lasting.

Imperial brings a wide range of Bathroom and Kitchen Polished Vitrified Tiles

Get Quality Flooring with a Good Life Span from imperial Ceramic, one of the best polished series tiles exporters and manufacturers from India. Whether you want these tiles to decorate your interior or exterior walls, or you want to buy polished vitrified bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles, you can get your supply from Imperial Ceramic that strives to offer the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

Our polished vitrified wall tiles are bound to set the mood and enhance the ambience. The tiles do not require any setting time. Available in an array of sizes, styles and colors, the vitrified tiles are versatile addition to any interior.